About Us

Belvedere Africa Partners is a financial and strategy advisory firm, serving the needs of corporates and organisations that focus on African opportunites.


Guillaume Arditti holds a MA in International Relations from the Paris Institute of Political Science (Science Po) and from Dauphine University (MSc in Finance). He started his career in South Africa, with the French Development Agency (AFD), then joined major financial institutions such as NATIXIS and BNP PARIBAS. There, his focus was always on Africa, working on landmark transactions on the continent, leading business development initiatives and, as a Managing Director in the BNP Paribas Energy & Commodities department, focusing on strategy in Africa.

In 2015, Guillaume founded Belvedere Africa Partners, with the purpose to promote alternative financing solutions that will participate in bridging the financing gap in Africa. 

While the realisation of the continent’s potential keeps accelerating, Guillaume remains convinced that two things makes the difference between success and failure:

  • Having a long-term strategy strategy built on local and global political economy dynamics and mega-trends defining the future of the African continent.
  • Having a tailor-made financial strategy that takes into account real time local complexities.

Guillaume Arditti is also a lecturer in African Studies at the Political Sciences Institute of Paris (Sciences Po) and frequently shares his analyses of African markets and geopolitical issues in international media, that can be found here.


Since 2000, African economies  fundamentals have changed and transformation keeps accelerating. While the political process has not been linear, the overall trend line is positive. An increasing number of economies have started diversifying away from old raw-material export-driven models to authentic consumer economies.

Average growth is expected to exceed 4% in the next decade, investment is increasing at a strong pace.

Everything is in place for growth to become more job-intensive, critical for meeting the expectations of a population that could reach 2.5 billion by 2050.

Not Afro-optimist, not Afro-pessimist: just Afro-convinced.


We believe that combining economic and geostrategic approaches is the way to deal with complex local market dynamics and navigate the intricacies of today’s financial word.

We have years of experience working on projects in Africa involving multinationals, international organisations, state-owned companies and national champions, while successfully weathering crises such as the Arab Spring, and can devote all this to the service of our customers.    

We are committed to bridging Africa and Europe.